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WCB Check Valve Connection Design Form

Check valve also known as a valve or check valve, its role is to prevent the flow of media in the pipeline back. Pump suction water shutoff of the bottom valve also belongs to the class. The headstock depends on the medium flow and power to open or close itself to prevent the backflow of the media valve. belongs to the automatic valve class, mainly uses in the medium one-way flow the pipeline, only allows the medium to flow in a direction, prevents the accident.WCB Check Valve

The headstock is opened or closed by the medium flow and force to prevent the backflow of the valve from being called check valve. Check valve belongs to the automatic valve class, mainly used in the medium one-way flow of the pipeline, only to allow the medium flow in a direction to prevent accidents.WCB Check Valve Forged STEEL Check valve has two kinds of body cover connection design form: The first is the body cover bolt connection forged steel check valve, in accordance with the design of the valve, the valve body and bonnet with bolts connected, wound gasket sealing, the advantages are easy to repair; the second type of body cover fully welded seal forged steel check valve, according to this type of connection designed valve, The valve body and the valve cover are connected with the screw mosquito, the whole weld seals, the advantage is no leakage. Forged steel Check valve disc in the form of intercepting, needle-shaped, spherical you can reasonably choose our valve according to the actual situation.WCB Check Valve

The structure of the lift check valve is similar to that of the cut-off valve, and its disc moves along the channel in line, the movement is reliable, but the fluid resistance is larger, it is suitable for the light small-caliber occasion. Lift type check valve can be straight-through and vertical two kinds. Straight-through type lift check valve can only be installed in the horizontal pipe, and vertical lift check valve is generally installed in the vertical pipe.WCB Check Valve

The disc of the swing check valve rotates on the rotating shaft. Its fluid resistance is generally smaller than the lift type check valve, which is suitable for large caliber occasions. Swing Check Valve According to the number of disc can be divided into single disc swing type, double disc swing type and multiple-disc swing three kinds. Single-disc swing check valves are generally suitable for medium caliber occasions.WCB Check Valve

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