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The Structure And Sealing Way Of Ball Valve

Ball valve According to the structure of the form can be divided into: floating ball valve, fixed ball valve, elastic ball valve and oil seal ball valve, according to the channel can be divided into direct energy, angle and three-way type, tee-type can be divided into T-shaped and L-shaped two. By connecting the work can be divided into threaded connection, flange connection and welding type three kinds.Ball Valve

The sealing principle of fixed ball valve and floating ball valve is mainly used in high-pressure large caliber ball valve. According to the different installation of the seat seal ring, the fixed ball valve has two kinds of structure, which is sealed by the front of the sphere and the ball. Sealing principle of the valve seat sealed in front of the sphere: and the valve stem becomes a whole sphere can rotate freely in the upper and lower sliding bearing or the rolling bearing, the seat SEAL ring is installed in the movable sleeve, the sleeve is sealed in the valve body with 0-shape ring. The seat seal ring is preloaded by a set of springs mounted in a sleeve.Ball Valve

Inlet valve seat, when the ball valve is closed, by acting on the inlet end diameter d and the sleeve diameter d with the valve body fit. The circumference of the annular surface of the limited pressure on the valve seat pressure to the sphere, thereby playing the import sealing effect, the exit of the valve seat does not play a role in sealing. The effect of the seat will change when the pressure is reversed.Ball Valve The sphere is free to rotate in the seat seal ring with the help of the stem. At the opening, the ball hole is aligned with the pipe aperture to ensure the minimum resistance of the working medium of the pipe. When the stem is rotated 1/4 times, the ball hole is perpendicular to the valve's channel, by adding to the preload of the two seat seals and the medium pressure to press the sphere tightly on the outlet end of the seat seal ring, thus ensuring the valve is fully sealed.Ball Valve

This kind of ball valve is a single side forced seal. The floating ball valve should also focus on whether the seat material can withstand the load of the sphere, because the sphere, in addition to its own weight, also bears the full load of the working medium and passes it to the seat. In addition, large-caliber floating ball valves are considered to require greater force in operation.Ball Valve

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