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Structural Design Of Cast Steel Ball Valve

That is, in the casting process, from the wax to the blank a total of 10 a few steps. The main control is the temperature of the wax film process, to maintain constant temperature, the temperature should not be too high, in the inspection, it should be noted that wax film can be modified. After casting molding, the rough in the sand, pickling, carefully look at whether the rough sand hole, whether the variant. And then find the unqualified rough, the argon arc welding, repair and then after the solid solution. To be fully qualified, into the rough processing.Cast Steel Ball Valve

Blank processing process, must be rough processing size, sealing cross-section, the existence of trachoma, cracks and so on. After the completion of processing equipment, test pressure. In this process, it should be noted that the key location of the water leakage. Air pressure hit 0.6-0.8MPA, down to the bottom of the water, take the headlamps for 1 minute, and then put the valve for 5 minutes. No bubbles emerge, the valve gas to let go, and then you can enter the next process. Valve cleaning, cast steel valves to spray silver gray paint, paint must be primer. And then you can use wooden box packaging, factory.Cast Steel Ball Valve

Ball valve It has a 90 degree rotation action, the swivel body is a sphere, with a circular through hole or passage through its axis. The ball valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the direction of flow of the media, it only needs to rotate 90 degrees of operation and a small turning torque can be closed tight. The ball valve is most suitable for the switch, cut off the valve to use, but the recent development of the ball valve has been designed so that it has a throttle and control flow, such as V-ball valve.Cast Steel Ball Valve

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