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Installation Principle Of Pneumatic Control Valve

Installation principle Pneumatic control valve

(1) Pneumatic control valve installation position, from the ground requires a certain height, the valve up and down to leave some space for valve disassembly and repair. For the control valve equipped with pneumatic valve positioner and handwheel, operation, observation and adjustment must be guaranteed.

(2) The control valve should be installed on the horizontal pipe, and up and down perpendicular to the pipe, generally under the valve to be supported to ensure a solid and reliable. For special occasions, the need for regulating valve installed in the vertical pipe when the valve should also be supported (except for small-caliber control valve). Installation, to avoid the valve to bring additional stress).

(3) The control valve working environment temperature (-30 ~ +60) relative humidity of not more than 95% 95%, relative humidity not more than 95%.

(4) The position of the valve should be straight pipe before and after the length of not less than 10 times the pipe diameter (10D), to avoid the valve straight pipe is too short and affect the flow characteristics.

(5) regulating valve diameter and process pipe is not the same, should be used to connect different-diameter pipe. In the small-diameter control valve installation, available thread connection. The fluid direction arrow on the body should be in the same direction as the fluid.

(6) to set the bypass pipe. The purpose is to facilitate the switch or manual operation, the valve can be overhaul without stopping the case.

(7) The control valve should be thoroughly cleaned before installation of foreign body within the pipeline, such as dirt, welding slag and so on.


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