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Flow Control Parts Of Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valve is used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and hydropower, which is used as the component of the pipeline system's On-off and flow control. Commonly used butterfly valve with soft seal structure, the sealing ring is fixed on the valve seat or butterfly plate through the platen.Butterfly Valve 

This kind of structure butterfly valve, the pressure plate connection screw in the valve flow channel direct contact fluid Medium, is affected by the fluid movement and the pipeline vibration and so on, after using some time may cause the screw to fall off, the seal failure, affects the equipment safe operation. By analyzing and improving the sealing structure of butterfly valve, the problem of the screw shedding on the plate of the butterfly seal ring is solved.Butterfly Valve According to the design requirements, after the connection screws will be connected with the sealing ring plate, tighten the loose bolts, and realize the loosening of the connecting screws. The connection form is simple in structure and easy to assemble, but it is difficult to ensure that the sealing ring plate connection screw and the loose screw do not fall off when the pipeline system is used for a long time. When tightening moment hours, the connecting screws are susceptible to vibration and fall off. When tightening torque is large, it is easy to cause screw damage. The tightening torque is also related to the machining accuracy of the screw hole.Butterfly Valve

To prevent the connection screws from falling off, add a stop washer to the bottom of the connecting screw, fix the screws with four claws on the washer, and the screws will not rotate, thus achieving the anti-loosening. Valve repair requires the removal of the connecting screws, only four of the loose washers can be operated separately. The improved loosening screws are positioned in the middle of the butterfly plate and the platen of the plate, and the screws are avoided. The connection screws are guaranteed to be loose and not to fall off under the double effect of tension and stop washers provided by the loosen screws.Butterfly Valve

Depending on the protective effect of thread-resistant sealant, screw loosening and shedding can be prevented, but because the screw of the structure is directly contacting with the fluid medium, the use of screws to prevent loose sealant does not protect the long term. After the improvement, the mechanical method can effectively avoid loosening and shedding of screws.Butterfly Valve

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