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Considerations For Ball Valve

(1) you must first identify the ball valve upstream and downstream pipe has been removed after the pressure and decomposition to demolition action.

(2) non-metal parts cleaning immediately after removal from the cleaning agent may not be soaked for a long time.

(3) the Assembly flange bolts must be symmetric, gradually and evenly tightened.

(4) cleaning agent with the ball valve rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and medium (for example, gas) are compatible. When the medium is gas, gasoline (GB484-89) cleaning of metal parts. Non-metallic parts cleaned with pure water or alcohol.

(5) the decomposition of each individual ball valve parts can be cleaned with dipping. Remaining unresolved non-metallic metal work pieces can be used to clean fine silk cloth impregnated with cleaning agent for cleaning (to avoid fiber loss adhesion on the part) of scrub. Cleaning shall remove all attached to the wall of the oils, dirt, glue, dust deposition, etc.

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