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Comparison Of Airtightness Of Cast Steel Gate Valve

Cast steel gate valve leakage and stainless steel butterfly valve different aspects, different leakage location, should be treated differently. Work, how to deal with the application of the order of the cast steel globe valve leak or leakage, leakage and good disposal, flange leakage, flange bolts tight again, if not yet, open to see if there is damage to the flange gasket, For packaging leaks, it is important if the packaging is gland too loose and will increase the packing if the leak is straight to the body and the low pressure can weld it if it is a high pressure that will be given directly to the first, the problem of internal leakage is not well determined , First, may die, turn off and hard, and second, the valve seat seal is damaged, which will re-grind, the spool is damaged, depending on the media corrosion damage or damage, but all need to repair the welding seal appearance.Cast Steel Gate Valve

The internal leakage spool sealing surface is broken, but the actual experience tells me that sometimes there may be a difficult leak card above the spool, the cause of the leak, the specific treatment is to open and close the valve, you can wash away the hard objects Back and forth The packing leaks, will close or replace the packaging, using this many times can not stop the online leak seal. If the cast steel gate valve is its own problem, you should choose the right time to replace the valve. Cast steel cut-off valve has a lot of leaks, most of the cases from the stuffing box leak, open the gland to add or replace the stainless steel butterfly valve packing gland, tightening should not leak.Cast Steel Gate Valve

Electric flange gate valve action force than the electric valve, electric valve switch action speed can be adjusted, simple structure, easy maintenance, the action process due to the gas itself, the buffer characteristics, not easily damaged due to stuck, but must have gas source, and The control system is also more complex than the electric valve.Cast Steel Gate Valve

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