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Classification Of Butterfly Valves

                The relationship between the opening of butterfly valve and flow rate is basically linearly proportional. If used to control the flow, its flow characteristics and the flow resistance of the pipe is also closely related, such as two pipes installed valve caliber, form and so on, and the pipeline loss coefficient is different, the valve flow difference will be very large.

Butterfly valve operating torque, due to open and valve opening and closing direction of different values, horizontal butterfly valve, especially large caliber valve, due to water depth, valve shaft, water head difference produced by the moment can not be ignored. In addition, the valve inlet side device elbow, the formation of bias, torque will increase. When the valve is in the middle opening, the operation mechanism needs to be self-locking because the hydrodynamic moment is working.Butterfly Valve

                Rubber seal Butterfly Valve is the disadvantage of the use of throttling, due to improper use will produce cavitation, the rubber seat spalling, damage and so on. To this end, now the international development of Metal seal butterfly valve, DS363 to weld butterfly valve cavitation zone to reduce inserting wafer-type butterfly valve, in recent years, China has also developed a metal seal butterfly valve, in Japan in recent years also developed a gas-resistant, low vibration, low noise comb-shaped butterfly valve.

                Valve model Preparation Method, valve number description Butterfly valve structure chart: Valve model should usually indicate valve type, driving mode, connection form, structure characteristic, nominal pressure, sealing surface material, valve body material etc. Valve model of the standardization of valve design, selection, distribution, providing a convenient. Valve types and materials are more and more diverse, valve model is also increasingly complex. Although China has a unified standard of valve model, but gradually can not adapt to the development of valve industry needs. At present, the valve manufacturers generally adopt a unified numbering method, can not be used in the unified numbering method, the production plant according to their own situation to develop a numbering method.Butterfly Valve

                Butterfly valve is also called the flap valve, is a simple structure of the control valve, but also can be used in low pressure pipe media switches.Butterfly Valve

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