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Butterfly Valve Sealing Characteristics

The butterfly valve has been widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, hydropower and so on, which is used to realize the on-off and flow control of piping system. In the known butterfly valve technology, the sealing form of the use of sealed structure, sealing material for the rubber, PTFE and so on. Due to structural characteristics of the restrictions, not suited to high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance, wear and other industries.Butterfly Valve

There is a more advanced butterfly valve is a three eccentric metal hard seal butterfly valve, valve body and seat for the Siamese components, seat sealing surface layer surfacing temperature, corrosion alloy material. Multi-layer soft stack seal fixed to the valve plate, this butterfly valve compared with the traditional butterfly valve with high temperature, light operation, open and close without friction, closed with the transmission mechanism to increase the torque to compensate for the seal, The sealing performance and the advantages of extending the service life. However, this butterfly valve in the course of the process still exists the following topics:Butterfly Valve

As the multi-layer soft and hard stack seal fixed to the valve plate, when the valve plate normally open state of the media on its sealing surface to form a positive flushing, metal sheet sandwich in the soft seal after being washed directly affect the sealing performance. Restricted by the structural conditions The structure is not suitable for the following DN0 diameter valve, because the overall structure of the valve plate is too thick, flow resistance. Due to the principle of the three eccentric structure, the sealing between the sealing surface of the valve plate and the valve seat is caused by the torque of the transmission so that the valve plate is pressed against the valve seat. In the positive flow state, the higher the medium pressure, the tighter the seal. When the flow path medium countercurrent with the media pressure increases the valve plate and the valve seat between the positive pressure is less than the medium pressure, the seal began to leak.Butterfly Valve

The high-performance three-eccentric bi-directional hard seal butterfly valve is characterized in that the valve seat sealing ring is composed of a plurality of stainless steel sheets on both sides of a flexible T-shaped seal ring. The sealing surface of the valve plate and the valve seat is an oblique conical structure, and the temperature and corrosion resistant alloy material is deposited on the inclined surface of the valve plate. The spring is fixed on the spring between the spring plate and the adjustment bolt assembly.Butterfly Valve

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