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Butterfly Folding For Occasions

Typically, throttle, control and mud medium, request structure length, hoist speed (1/4 RPM). Low voltage cut-off (pressure difference), recommend selecting butterfly valves.

In double regulation, Contracting channel, low noise, air holes, and coal gasification, a small amount of leakage into the atmosphere, with abrasive media, you can choose a butterfly valve.

Throttling under special conditions, or request the seal strictly, or wear, low temperature (cryogenic) under operating conditions, such as when using a butterfly valve, use a specially designed metal seal belt adjusting device of three eccentric or double special butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve used in completely sealed, gas leakage test for zero, high life, working temperature-10-~150-fresh water, sewage, water, salt water, steam, natural gas, food, drugs, oil, and acid-base and the pipeline.

Soft sealing eccentric butterfly valves are suitable for ventilation and dust removal piping two-way opening and closing and adjustment, are widely used in metallurgy, light industry, electric power, petroleum chemical industry, such as gas pipelines and waterways.

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