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Ball Valve Maintenance

Have a long service life and maintenance-free life will depend on the following factors: normal working conditions, temperature/pressure ratio of harmony, and corrosion data

Ball valve in the closed position, and remained under pressure in the valve body fluids

Before servicing, remove the line pressure and the valve in the open position

Before servicing, disconnect the power or gas supply

Before servicing the actuator and bracket out

You must first identify the ball valve upstream and downstream pipe has been removed after the pressure in order to remove decomposing operation

Decomposition and Assembly must be careful to prevent injury part of the sealing surface, especially non-metallic parts, remove the o-rings to the occasion for special tools

Assembly bolts on flanges must be symmetrical, gradually and evenly tighten the

Cleaning agents and ball valve rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and medium (for example, gas) are compatible. When the medium is gas, gasoline (GB484-89) cleaning of metal parts. 

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