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Sectional valve works

One-way flow valves only medium, the installation direction. Structure length is greater than the cut-off valve gate valve and fluid resistance, long runs, sealing reliability is not strong.

Globe valves are divided into three categories: straight-through valves, angle type globe valves and direct current side valve.

The most obvious advantage is: in the process of opening and closing, due to friction between the disc and the valve sealing surface smaller than the valves and wear-resistant. Opening height is only for the channel diameter of the valve seat 1/4, so much smaller than the gate. Usually only one seal in the valve body and disc surface, thus creating process better, easy to repair.

As valve nominal pressure or pressure level: PN1.0-16.0MPa, and ANSICLASS150-900, and JIS10-20K, nominal pass diameter or caliber: DN10~500, and NPS1/2~36 ", as valve connection way: flange, and on welding, and thread,, applies temperature:-196 ℃ ~700 ℃, as valve drive way: manual, and umbrella gear drive, and pneumatic, and electric, and liquid moving, and gas liquid linkage, and electric liquid linkage, valve body material: WCB, and ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti、ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti、CF8(304)、CF3(304L)、CF8M(316)、CF3M(316L)、Ti。 Globe valve with different textures.

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