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Sectional valve product comparison

Valve of the corrugated pipe stop valve and General comparison

1, a double seal design (bellow + padding) expiration if the bellows, valve stem packing will prevent the leakage and seal in accordance with international standards.

2, there is no fluid loss, reduction of energy losses and improve plant safety.

3, long life, reduced maintenance times and reduce operating costs.

4, rugged design of bellows seal to ensure zero leakage of the valve stem, provide maintenance-free conditions.

5, gas valve block PTFE soft sealant is used to improve the valve tightness.

6, high temperature ≤ is 425 degrees centigrade the seat cone seal. Air tightness zero leakage.

Along with rising labor costs reduce the labor force is more and more enterprises want, such corrugated pipe stop valve to allow the workers to switch more easily and longer product life better sealing performance products, there is reason to believe that it will become more and more broad prospects.

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