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Gate valve type

Stem structure and modes of motion and valves. With the valve stem valve plate screw lift, valve stem threads within the transmission of external of the shell and, therefore, according to the stem movement direction and location to visually determine the opening and closing of the valve plate and position and thread lubrication and fluid corrosion within the transmission, but it requires a large installation space. Dark bar drive internal threads inside the shell, in the process of opening and closing, the stem rotates, valve plate in the housing up and down. Therefore, the height of the small size. Non-rising stem valve gate, usually installed above the lid open and close position indicator, used in ships, sewer and other small space and dust content in large environments.

Disc structure can be divided into wedge and parallel categories.

Wedge type valve plate can be divided into single rigid disc, elastic single-disc and two-disc, and so on.

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