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Characteristics of ball valve

One, wear-resistant due to hard seal ball valve spool is alloy spray-welding,

Seals are alloy steel welding, hard seal ball valves can switch without causing too much wear. (Hardness coefficient of 65-70):

Two good sealing performance due to using artificial grinding hard seal ball valve seal is, until the valve and sealing ring fully before use. So he is the sealing property is reliable.

Three switch light; because hard seal ball valve sealing ring at the bottom using springs that keep the seal and poppet tightly together, so the external power switch when the preload of the spring is very light.

IV long life: it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, paper, nuclear energy, aviation, rocket and other departments, as well as in people's daily lives.

Pneumatic ball valve structure is compact, it is reliable to seal, simple structure, easy maintenance, sealing surface and a spherical often closed, not easy to medium wash, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for water and gas, solvents, acids and other working media, mainly used to cut off or put through the medium in the pipeline, can also be used for the adjustment and control of fluid.

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